The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) consists of students ranging from the fourth grad to the eighth grade. These students choose to stay after school for a time of worship, prayer, bible study, and fellowship. FCA covers various topics pertaining to the Christian walk.

Junior Beta Club


S.o.s crew

NextGen summer Camp

This group is for 4th-8th grade students meet the requirements of maintaining an average of 90% and above in all classes. Likewise, these students do not have any conduct referrals. These students exemplify excellence and leadership in the classroom. Additionally, the Junior Beta Club encourages service within the community and leadership development.

The S.O.S. Crew is devoted to serving the community, by searching for opportunities to volunteer in the Upper Cumberland. "Serving Our Savior," our students learn how to follow in Christ's example, bringing His love and justice to a world in need.

July 15-19, 2019 @ HHLS from 9 A.M - 11 A.M. Grades K-3: Monday, Wednesday, Friday Grades 4-8: Tuesday & Thursday. Students will participate with the grade they previously finished. What will we do? Enjoy fun PE type activities and a time of bible study led by Ms. Amy and Ms. Jordyn. Amy and Jordyn both have years of experience with sports missions. To sign up, email Ms. Amy at Aunderwood@hhls.org -Matthew 28:19