Reid Otto
School Administrator

Pam Rodgers
Assistant School Administrator

Terri Blyly
EEC Administrator

Barbara Zimmerman

Kori Bryant
Lunch Services, Toddler Care afternoon assistant

Rachel Hof

Early Childhood CENTER (ECC) 

Infant Care    
6 Weeks to 12 Months

Toddler Care 1
12 Months to 2 Years

Transition Room
18 Months to 2 Years

Toddler Care 2   
2 Years to 3 years

PreK 3    
3 Years to 4 Years

PreK 4
4 Years to 5 Years



Diane Fuehr
Kindergarten Teacher

Pam Rodgers    
Music Teacher

Linda Olson
1st & 2nd Grade Teacher

Jennifer York
3rd & 4th Grade Teacher

Amy Underwood    
Middle School Teacher

Jeff Waller    
Middle School Teacher, 4th grade math


School Board

Rev. Andrew Smith    

Bernie Wickersham    

Gary Case
Vice Chair

Amber Hoffert    
Janet Kolff    
Judy Mabrey    
Jerry Meyer