Parents and Teachers in Lutheran Schools (PTLS) Association

Parents with a student at HHLS are considered members of the Parents and Teachers in Lutheran Schools (PTLS) Association. The PTLS meets regularly throughout the year, with activities published in all school calendars.  Additionally PTLS welcomes all who are interested in promoting our school as a means of providing full-time Christian education.

    HHLS PTLS.png

    PTLS Objectives:

    • Help parents understand and appreciate their children and provide the necessary skills for the Christian nurturing and training of their children
    • Help teachers and parents cooperate in the Christian training of children in school and home
    • Help develop a close relationship between the home and school.  Through the efforts of the PTLS, the school has received many excellent enhancements.
    • Develop fundraising activities which help support programs and needs as they are discovered.
      • 10% of all fundraising directly benefits the HHLS Scholarship Program
    • PTLS supports and promotes many of the social events held at the school and church.